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As part of our on-going collaboration with the Nottingham Restaurant and Bar Awards we held a Digital Marketing Masterclass for restaurateurs of Nottingham. The aim of the masterclass was to give restaurant owners an insight into how digital marketing can be utilised to drive their business objectives and how to prepare for 2019.

We have compiled 6 key takeaways from the masterclass:

Digital marketing is well suited to the hospitality industry

Digital marketing offers hospitality businesses unique opportunities which traditional advertising can’t. Targeted advertising, insights and remarketing allow you to get in front of your target market and understand them better. Furthermore, it is much more cost effective as you can reach your customers for a relatively small outlay and due to the trackable nature of digital marketing it is easy to demonstrate a clear return on investment.

Integrating your online and offline marketing is key

Your marketing mix is strongest when your online (digital marketing) and offline (more traditional methods) work together. Having multiple touchpoints is key to getting in front of your customers, whether it is larger scale campaigns, such as complimenting your poster adverts with geo-location targeted social media adverts around that area, or more simple ideas, such as including a ‘Follow Us’ promotion on table-talkers.

online and offline marketing

It is important to choose the right digital channels for your business

There is so much out there you can be doing for digital marketing, but you need to make sure it is worth doing for your business based on your budget, time and resources. Social media is excellent for getting in front of your target audience and growing an engaged community of users, whereas email marketing builds customer loyalty and relationships. Look at what your business objectives are and what resources you have, to decide what channels should be prioritised.

Content is key for a successful social media strategy

Your team is your biggest resource when it comes to creating excellent social media content. If you don’t have the budget for a professional shoot, or even if you do, getting your front-of-house team and kitchen staff involved in taking photos is important for creating engaging content. See our blog on how to take good smartphone photos, for some tip and tricks.

food photography

Quality engagement is what counts

Vanity metrics like followers are not as important as they used to be. Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms value engagement (comments, shares & clicks), therefore making sure you content is interesting and relevant to your audience is important for increasing your exposure.

Manage your online reputation

It is important to ensure you are maintaining a positive online reputation across all platforms, from Trip Advisor, Google Reviews to Facebook and Instagram. This is where a lot of your potential customers will be deciding where they will dine, so it is important to respond to all reviews, including the negative ones.

If you would like to find out more our workshops and what services we provide, simply get in touch.

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