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Entering into the workplace as a recent graduate is no easy feat, especially in the fast-paced, competitive and ever-changing world of digital marketing. Here at Go dine digital, we empathise with the uphill battle most graduates face when trying to get their foot in the door at established agencies and, as a result, have committed ourselves to making sure our door stays ajar so that new talent and perspectives may flow through.

The most recent step in this process has been the implementation of a work experience programme dedicated to helping graduates gain the skills and experience necessary to succeed in digital marketing sphere. Last week, we welcomed our first two interns Ikemba and Abrielle who have been busy undergoing practical training and supporting our team on ongoing projects. Here’s how the past two weeks have gone from their perspectives:



As a recent Masters graduate, I have personally been searching for a graduate job for around about a month or two, with limited success. The feedback I was receiving from my rejected applications was consistently surrounded by my lack of sufficient marketing experience, a vital necessity in such a competitive work field. Through luck, the team at Go dine digital gave me the opportunity to apply for an internship (which I readily took with both hands) and I was accepted shortly after.

My time here has genuinely been a fun and insightful experience. My fellow employees, all friendly and welcoming have been brilliant teachers in a wide range of digital marketing areas. These include the management of the many social media sites, Adobe Photoshop and SEO, alongside many more.

Furthermore, my fellow intern Abrielle and I were given the opportunity to work with big clients in the restaurant industry. Attending the staff meetings provided us with insight into the company relationship building/maintaining that goes into each client.

Alongside this we were given the task of creating content, then distributing it through a wide range of social media networks which instilled sense of responsibility in me, although the constant photos of food made me a bit peckish!

To summarise, my time here has been fantastic. It has developed and enhanced each and every one of my digital marketing skills and more importantly, with this newly acquired knowledge, I feel confident and more prepared to enter the marketing industry.


I can’t lie, initially I was a little hesitant to accept an internship at Go dine digital. As a recent graduate, who has spent a majority of her school breaks toiling away at various internships, I was ready to take on the working world and felt that another internship would be a step backwards. Boy, was I wrong…

I can honestly say that all the knowledge gained from my past internships combined pales in comparison to the skills and insights I received by completing a two-week work placement at Go dine digital. Their hands-on approach to training and willingness to let Kem and I get involved with actual projects for real-life clients was a refreshing change from my previous experience with internships: sitting around and waiting for someone to ask you to make them a coffee or a copy with a bit of busy work in between.

I learned practical skills that I can apply to my future role, like how use to Photoshop—I’m not a master yet, but I’m on my way—and other platforms essential to a career in digital marketing (MailChimp, Tweet Deck and Onlypult). I have become more confident in my copy-writing abilities across a multitude of platforms and no longer have any doubts in my ability to successfully manage a brand identity in future.

The team at Go dine digital went to great lengths to take Kem and I under their wings and answer all our questions, no matter how frivolous or convoluted, for which I am eternally grateful. I could not recommend this opportunity more to other recent graduates out there—and if you feel like you don’t need any more experience, trust me, you do!

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