Twitter has established itself as a main player in social media, with a reported 15 million active users in Britain alone (Telegraph, 2017), representing about a quarter of the country’s population. The potential to reach new and existing customers is phenomenal! Here’s our rundown of 5 inspirational Twitter accounts in the hospitality industry and why they’re ticking all the boxes.


1.Bar Iberico


A relatively new tapas venue in Nottingham City Centre, Bar Iberico is an excellent example of how we use Twitter to get brands noticed! By sharing daily photos of the delicious dishes on offer and explaining their ingredients, Bar Iberico’s profile is colourful, eye catching and makes you crave tapas! Weave these posts with information about current offers and local hashtags and you’ve bagged yourself the perfect ingredients to raise brand awareness and support footfall!

View Bar Iberico’s Twitter profile


2.World Service


We use Twitter slightly differently for this multi-award winning restaurant, understanding the importance of breaking down any misconceptions around fine dining and using the profile to showcase the experience that’s on offer – for a competitive price! By regularly posting snippets of the brand’s history and behind-the-scenes shots, we’ve helped to build a loyal following, who are keen to share their visits and thank the restaurant for exceptional food and service. We understand the importance of valuing customers and interacting with followers so we make sure we’re retweeting – a 101 to promote engagement!

View World Service’s Twitter profile 


3.Playboy Club London


From sharing photos from historic archives to tweeting modern day professional shoots, we make sure Playboy Club London is THE place to join as a member. We work closely with the onsite teams to promote upcoming events via Twitter, utilising on-brand imagery, videos and links to event landing pages, to ensure members remain up-to-date with the events they need to get in their diaries. Due to the brand’s iconic Playboy history and central London location, celebrities and members often share photos from their time visiting the club, which we’re sure to retweet and share with everyone!

View Playboy Club London’s Twitter profile 


4.Nakd Wholefoods


Nakd Wholefoods is a prime example of what works best when it comes to Twitter. Decorated with on-brand colours and tweeting daily to promote it’s latest products, followers know if they want the latest brand news, they just need to keep an eye on the profile. Another gold star for this account is it’s excellent levels of engagement with users. Nakd Wholefoods make it their mission to retweet and reply to all posts, again showing people if you take the time to tweet them…they will reply! Creating a circle of engagement and a feeling that customers are valued. Thumbs up!

View Nakd Wholefood’s Twitter profile 


5. Nandos



Now onto Nando’s, the brand that has been repeatedly ranked in the ‘Top 5 Most Successful Twitter Accounts’ and polls of ‘Businesses with the most Twitter followers’ (Real Business, 2013) so what’s the secret? Nando’s has become a cult sensation, not just through it’s delicious chicken but also through it’s refreshing approach to customer service. On Twitter, the restaurant giant regularly posts topical videos (like the one above), that has little to do with directly promoting it’s products and far more to do with entertaining it’s following. Comical tweets about how to recover from exams to dates, recipes for the inexperienced and celebrating #internationalchocolatecakeday, puts the follower at the centre of the profile and removes the sometimes awkward business/customer relationship. By acting more like a peer you choose to follow than a restaurant you occasionally visit, Nando’s tweets are warmly received at anytime of the day! They shift the focus from their primary products and menus to the topics of the day meaning content at 9am can be catered accordingly.

They’ve also mastered their responses to disgruntled tweeters, again channeling the peer vibe over a more corporate and perhaps professional tone. Here’s a classic Nando’s example…

So popular venues and established brands may quickly gain a following of existing customers but in order to grow on Twitter, it’s all about proactively winning over your followers and making your profile a place they can turn to for the latest offers, news and perhaps a laugh or two.

View Nandos’ Twitter profile 

Here’s a few things to remember –

  • Know your audience and cater your tweets accordingly
  • Maintain a consistent, daily presence
  • Engage with users, search hashtags
  • Acknowledge tweets directed at you to make sure users feel valued
  • Retweet occasionally so users know its worth engaging with your brand
  • Share insight into your brand’s origins
  • Research popular hashtags and use accordingly
  • Tweet at the right times to maximise engagement
  • Use relevant local, group hashtags to support networking


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