How Facebook marketing sells out events for independent restaurants.

Selling out special events for Nottingham’s Encounters restaurant.

An independent Nottingham restaurant serving up classic British cuisine, Encounters is a popular destination for those looking for a friendly, relaxed venue where the table is theirs all night. Part of the restaurant’s unique charm is the special nights that owner Paul Shaw organises – unlimited starters nights and all-you-can eat cake nights (with a bottle of Prosecco included!). With the help of Facebook marketing, these nights generate massive levels of interest every time, encouraging owner Paul to host them more and more regularly.

In the past 6 months, our adverts promoting these special nights have reached over 30,000 unique individuals. Paul no longer has to worry about relying on regulars making up the majority of the special nights’ custom – advertising has brought in a whole host of new faces, including a younger demographic of diners that he wouldn’t usually see.

As these nights sell out more and more quickly, these adverts attract hundreds of comments from people hurriedly tagging their friends and advising them to book asap. The boost in demand has been extremely encouraging for the independent restaurant – one recent unlimited Starters night sold out after just one day of adverts being delivered. Add to this coverage from the Nottingham Post and the success of Encounters’ special nights is set to continue for years to come.

Business profile

An award-winning independent British restaurant just outside of Nottingham city centre.

Services provided

  • Facebook advertising.
  • Facebook management.
  • Photography.

Results in the first 6 months

Users reached about the events
users highly engaged with the events
sold-out events
Go dine digital have been incredibly helpful in helping us promote our special nights. We don’t do any other marketing for them, but they have been selling out within days.

Paul Shaw.

Owner, Encounters Restaurant

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