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New Website for Lobster Pot Increases Customer Retention

Lobster Pot is a fun and family-run restaurant with a great backstory, but their website did not reflect this. Their website was not functioning correctly for the two locations, driving users off the website and not converting them into diners.

Chatchai was looking for a complete website and brand refresh, giving us complete reign on the design to ensure it reflected the personality of the brand and its unique offering: seafood with a Thai twist. This was an exciting project allowing us to get pretty creative but also presented a challenge to ensure the website provided a strong user-experience and was optimised for SEO. Lobster Pot has two locations in Nottingham and Beeston, both with different offerings. One of the primary issues with his previous site was users struggling to find the location they wanted and were, instead, bouncing off the site. This new website needed to represent the two locations in its structure and layout. When designing the wireframe, we ensured that as soon as you land on the homepage, it was clear and easy to navigate to the restaurant you required.

The outcome of the new site launch was extremely positive. User-experience was improved as customers found it easier to navigate, increasing the time they spend on the website by 50% and the number of pages they view by 66.2%. Most importantly, the bounce-rate (how many users leave the website as soon as they land on it) decreased by 49%, meaning the website is retaining more users and therefore increasing the number of potential customers viewing his menus, reservations page and more. Alongside this, Chatchai has had great feedback from his customers about the website design and improved visuals!


View the finished site here.

Business profile

A family-run seafood and Thai restaurant with two locations in Nottingham and Beeston.

Services provided

  • Website build

Results in the first 2 months

- 49%
+ 50%
Session duration
+ 90%
Page views
The new website Go dine digital made for us sped everything up! It was so much easier for customers to navigate and find the information they needed. It was a much-needed refresh. We got a lot of customer feedback saying how slick it looked!

Chatchai Pongsawang.


Thoughts on this project.

Meet our team

Ben Ross.

Website Developer

Building the Lobster Pot website was an exciting project, as we had a blank slate for the design. Chatchai was happy for us to create something new and exciting for his brand, giving it a completely fresh appearance. It is great to see alongside making a visually exciting and attractive website, we were able to improve user-experience, his SEO rankings and, most importantly, customer retention.

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