Restaurant photography in Nottingham and the East Midlands: Yamas restaurant case study.

Restaurant photography engages new Yamas audiences.

Visuals make up such a lot of modern day marketing. Particularly in the restaurant industry, marketing your product without giving customers a glimpse into how great your food is puts you at a real disadvantage. The right restaurant photography makes users hungry and dramatically increase the desire to try that exact dish.

Yamas is popular restaurant in Nottingham city centre, serving a variety of gorgeous Mediterranean tapas and meze. To refresh their marketing activity and attract new audiences, the team booked a photo shoot with our in-house restaurant photographer, Lucretia. Lucretia pulled together a stunning venue and food shoot, fully edited the shots and delivered them back to Yamas in both web and print format, allowing the shots to be used across their website, social media and in promotions on bus adverts and in magazines.

The new photography has spiked engagement for the restaurant across digital platforms and has been truly versatile and powerful in getting audiences excited about Yamas’ fantastic dishes.


Business profile

A popular city centre tapas and Greek meze restaurant in Nottingham.

Services provided

  • Photography.
  • Facebook advertising.

Results in the first 3 months

Engaged users
It’s worked! Go dine digital run highly targeted campaigns that get people talking and we've noticed the difference in business straight away. The work instantly turns into results - with 3x as many enquiries than before. The only negative is that it’s created more work for us responding

George Ktori.

Co-Owner, Yamas

Thoughts on this project.

Meet our team
Lucretia Richmond

Lucretia Richmond.

Doing the shoot for Yamas was a lot of fun! I started by photographing the interior and exterior of the restaurant, whilst Yamas prepared a wide a range of dishes to be photographed. With such a fantastic selection of gorgeous looking food, I was able to complete a diverse range of shots, which in turn has secured Yamas with years worth of content.

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